After a customer accepts your estimate, you can easily turn it into an invoice for billing.

  1. Select Sales > All Sales from the left menu.
  2. Find and open the estimate that you want to bill for.
  3. Select Create invoice in the upper right of the estimate. Note that button will only be available if the estimate is in Pending or Accepted status.
    • If the estimate was closed or rejected, change it to Pending or Accepted.
    • If the estimate was imported, it will show as Closed in QuickBooks. You need to change the status to Pending or Accepted then save it.
  4. Choose how much you want to invoice:
    • Total of all estimate lines: All the lines are invoiced at 100% of the estimate.
    • Percentage of each line: All the lines are invoiced at a percent of the estimate. You can edit the line amounts or percent.
    • Custom amount for each line: All the lines on the invoice are shown at 0% but you can edit each line.
  5. Select Create invoice.
  6. If you choose Custom amount for each line, you can enter the desired amount or percentage of each line under Due column.
  7. Select Save.

This method bills the entire estimate. If you want to partially bill your customer, you can use progress invoicing.

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