Great news! We've improved how sales tax is managed to make it easier for you to collect, report and pay your sales tax.

Check out the new Sales Tax Center  a one-stop spot for managing all your sales tax tasks.

  • Add multiple sales tax rates, including combined rates.
  • View sales tax liability reports that you can customize by date, agency and more.
  • Record sales tax payments in the Sales Tax Center so you can see all your recent payments in one place.

Frequently asked questions regarding Sales Tax

Sales tax background, explanation and rates

What is a combined sales tax rate?

Sales Tax Center and users with custom access

What doesn't come over during an import from QuickBooks desktop - Import Limitations (US only) - for more information about sales tax when importing from a QuickBooks desktop edition.

Setup and Implementation of Sales Tax

Set up and track sales tax (also includes how to edit agencies and deactivate rates)

Default customer sales tax rate in QuickBooks Online 

Changing your sales tax rate  

Applying sales tax rates to transactions and sales forms

Adding sales tax to shipping charges

Deleting sales tax rates and agencies 

Paying your Sales Tax

Paying sales tax and/or recording sales tax payments

Cash vs. accrual accounting and its effect on sales tax

My sales tax agency doesn't show on the vendor list

For those who have already set up Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online

Payments don't show up in Recent Payments in the Sales Tax Center

Invoices mistakenly created without sales tax

Entering sales tax amount manually

Troubleshooting other problems with switching sales tax methods