After exporting your data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop, run a Balance Sheet and a Profit & Loss report to make sure that the numbers match. The reports must be run on an Accrual basis and set to All Dates on both programs.

If the report totals do not match, there are four possible causes:

  • The reports should be run on Accrual basis and for All Dates. This is required for reports to match.
  • Transactions were added/changed/deleted in QuickBooks Online after initiating the export, or in desktop after completing the export.
  • Payroll is enabled and non-posting transactions were entered at some point. The export process converts these into posting transactions, so the reports will not match in this case.
  • There were errors during the export process and some transactions did not come over.
    Note: If this happens, you can try to export your data again by following the steps outlined in the KB article Exporting your data from Online to Desktop.