Is there a limit to the amount of data I can have in QuickBooks Online?
There really isn’t a file size limit in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online uses an “as needed” approach to loading your data which means the overall size of the data file is not a major factor regarding performance. In addition, QuickBooks Online uses a processing method where some of the processing is performed online and some is done locally using your device processor & memory. Lastly, the speed of your internet connection plays a big part. Meeting or exceeding the System Requirements for QuickBooks Online impacts QuickBooks Online performance more than data size.  We know your time is valuable to you and we continuously work to drive improved performance.

Are there limits on Lists, such as Accounts, Customers or Items/Inventory?
Using the same “as needed” approach listed above, large lists do not cause performance issues. You don't have to be concerned about entering too many customers, accounts, or items.

Are there limits on the number of transactions?
There are no transaction limits. There are millions of QuickBooks Online customers world-wide, many with large data sets. Some have well over 1 million transactions and many thousands of customers! Transaction complexity would play more of a role with regards to performance than an overall number. For instance, an invoice with a single item and no sales tax is not the same as one with multiple items and with sales tax applied. That said, there isn’t a hard limit on the number of transactions you can enter, nor is there a known ‘complex transaction’ limit.

While QuickBooks Online doesn't have file size, list or transaction limits, there are a few practical limitations to be aware of.

Character limits in fields
There’s a maximum number of characters you can enter in each field. Below are some of the most commonly used fields in QuickBooks:

Field Character limit
Account name 100
Account number 7
Amount (on all forms) 11
Customer, Vendor/Supplier, and Other Names 100
Custom field display name (on all forms) 15
Custom field (on all forms) 30
Description on Single Time Activity 4000
Employee name 25
Item description (on all forms) 4000
Item names 100
Memo 4000
Message displayed on invoice 1000
Message displayed on statement 4000
Notes in customer information 4000
Project name 80
Project notes 1500
Report company name 100
Report title 192
Transaction number (on all forms) 21

Size limit when exporting a report to Excel

  • Maximum of 1024 columns displayed
  • Maximum 400k cells with data
  • Maximum 10MB worth of data
Is your QuickBooks Online running slow?

Here are some tips to improve the performance of your QuickBooks:
  • Ensure your web browser is up to date.
  • Check to see if there are critical performance updates for your operating system.
  • Run an internet speed test. We recommend using Google Speed Test for checking connection bandwidth.
  • Try the QuickBooks Online Desktop App. It's available for both Mac and PC.
You can check out Why is my QuickBooks Online company slow? for more information.