Some businesses charge all customers the same thing at the same time. For example, if all of a business's customers have to pay an annual fee at the same time.

QuickBooks Online doesn't allow you to create a recurring transaction that applies to all your customers. However, you can use an unscheduled invoice template to create one recurring unscheduled transaction and use it over and over again, preventing you from having to enter the same information each time. 

Note: This feature is only available in QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus.

Set up the unscheduled invoice template

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top, then Recurring Transactions.
  2. Select New.
  3. Select the Invoice transaction type, then select OK.
  4. Enter a Template Name.
  5. Select Unscheduled as the Type.
  6. Select Add New from the Choose a customer drop-down list. Create a generic customer name that could be something like "customer."
  7. Enter the detailed information that would be the same for each customer.
  8. Select Save Template.

Apply the unscheduled invoice template to each customer when it's time to charge your customers

  1. Select the Gear icon at the top, then Recurring Transactions.
  2. Select the appropriate template, then in the Action column, select the drop-down arrow and choose Use.
  3. Replace the generic customer name with the desired customer name and then select Save.
  4. Repeat the steps above for each customer.