Some businesses charge all customers the same thing at the same time. For example, all customers have to pay an annual fee. We don't have an easy way to create a recurring transaction that applies to all your customers, but you can create one recurring unscheduled transaction and use it over and over again. This is called an unscheduled invoice template.  It prevents you from having to enter the same information each time.  The one thing you will need to do is select the customer's name for each recurring template you create using this unscheduled template.

  1. Choose Gear Icon > Recurring Transactions.
  2. On the top right click New.
  3. Transaction Type: select Invoice and click OK.
  4. In the Template Name field enter a title for the template.  Note: If this field is left blank you'll see an error and the template won't save.
  5. Template Type: select Unscheduled.
  6. For the Customer: field, create a generic customer name by selecting <<Add New>>.  The customer name could be something like "customer."
  7. Enter all the detailed information that would be the same for each customer.
  8. Click Save Template.

When it's time to charge your customers:

  1. Choose Gear Icon > Recurring Transactions.
  2. Highlight this transaction and then click the Use button at the bottom.
  3. Replace the generic customer name with the desired customer name and then click Save.

You'll need to do this for every customer, but it will save you some time by not having to enter in all the details for each one.