In QuickBooks Online Plus, the process of tracking inventory is done by recording the purchase and sell of items.

When purchasing a bill

  1. Select the Plus sign (+) and then choose Bill.
  2. Fill out the top part of the bill as you normally would, then click the option Item details.
    Note: This setting is "sticky", so the next time you access the screen the option will already be open.
  3. Select the appropriate product, quantity, rate, and any other applicable information.
  4. Click Save.

Once the check, expense or bill is saved, the item's quantity will increase.

When selling

Record the sale of inventory items on an invoice or a sales receipt, including quantity sold. After the invoice or sales receipt is saved, you will see the decrease in quantity reflected in the product's information.

Adjust quantity on hand manually

Sometimes you might discover that you have either more or fewer of an inventory item than QuickBooks shows. Check out Adjust inventory quantity on hand to learn how to adjust an item's quantity on hand.

For additional information on Inventory Cost Accounting and Cost of Good Sold (COGS) see Inventory Links and Resources.