This article guides you through entering bills and paying it when it's due.

To enter your bill

  1. Select the Plus (+) at the top, then choose Bill.
  2. Enter the information needed.
  3. Select Save.

To pay bills

You can do it through Pay Bills or Check.

Pay Bills - this screen allows you to pay multiple vendors and bills at one time.
  1. Select the appropriate Payment account.
  2. Select the box next to each bill being paid in this session.
  3. Enter the Payment date; if you want separate dates you will need to record separate payments for each date.
  4. Enter the amount of the payment that should be applied to the open bill.
  5. When you are finished, select Save and print or Save.
Check - this screen is for paying one vendor at a time. It has more information on the bill itself, and is where you want to go to directly control how vendor credits are applied.
  1. Select Plus (+) then choose Check.
  2. Enter all the information needed.
  3. Select a location, if you're using location tracking,
  4. Select Add arrow on the right side to add bills to the check.
  5. Select Add arrow to open vendor credits to apply to the check (optional).
  6. Enter a Payment amount.
  7. Enter a Memo or add Attachments (optional).
  8. Select Print check in the bottom left, or Save and new.