To enter a bill, click the Plus sign (+) icon > Bill.

When you're ready to pay a bill, you can click Make payment in the Vendors or Expenses tabs.

To pay bills:

  1. Click the Plus sign (+) icon > Pay Bills.
  2. Choose the Payment account. If you want to pay from different accounts (such as a credit card instead of a checking account), use the Pay Bills page separately for each account.
  3. Set the Payment date you want on your payments.
  4. To narrow the list of bills to pay, click the Filter button. Then:
    • To filter by due date, select the Date button.
    • To pay just one vendor, select the Payee button.
    • If you use locations, select the Location button.
    • You can even filter by bills that are past their due date by selecting Overdue status only.
    • Click Apply.
  5. In the left column, select the box for each bill you want to pay.
  6. You can edit the PAYMENT amount or the CREDIT APPLIED amount for any bill you select.
  7. Click Save or Save and close. If you're printing checks, click Save and print.