A statement shows the status of a customer's account at a particular point in time. Each line item represents sales transactions, credits and payments. Although it doesn't offer detailed information like invoices do, you can create a statement with information you want to share with your customer.

Note: The word Sales and Invoice will be used interchangeably in this article.

Types of Statements

  • Balance Forward: Shows all activity between Start and End dates. The total balance forward will show at the top.
  • Open Item: Shows all open invoices from a specific date back.
  • Transaction Statement: Shows the amount of transaction and the amount received per transaction but does not show the total balance.

Create Statements

Pro Tip
  • In QuickBooks Online, you can create statements from the Plus icon (+), as a batch action from the Customer page, or individually from a customer record.
  • If your customer does not have an email on file, you can add the email by going to the Missing email address tab.
  • Select Print or Preview to view the statement before sending to your customer.
  • If you are getting the message There is nothing to include on a statement at this time when creating statements, you only probably have sales receipts for that customer. Statements are Accounts Receivable documents that are designed to exclude sales receipts. Sales Receipts are transactions that do not affect the accounts receivable account. As a workaround, you can create a $0 invoice and generate a balance forward statement.

Manage Statements

Customize and manage your statements to fit your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the statement already paid?

The Received column on the statement shows how much the customer has paid towards an invoice. Select the invoice to see detailed information about the transaction.

Why am I missing transactions on my statement

The invoice, sales receipt, or credit memo dates are after the statement date. Change the Statement Start and End dates on the Statement Page. You can also check the missing transactions on the Sales Transaction page to verify if they are dated correctly.

Why is QuickBooks Online not generating a statement for some of my customers?

The customer might be a sub-customer. Follow the steps outlined in Create Statements for sub-customers section of this article to set a sub customer to receive statements directly.

Why did a statement change since I created it?

The criteria you set upon creating a statement is remembered by the system, thus changes made on transactions included in a particular statement might disqualify the transaction based on the criteria you set. This will change the information on your statement.

  • A balance forward statement includes activity between the start and end dates you chose. If a new activity has occurred in the date range since you created the statement, the statement will reflect the changes.
  • When it was created, an open item statement included transactions that had an open balance. Once the payment is received from the customer, the changes automatically reflect on the statement.

Note: Changes in statements do not affect your accounting.