Performance in QuickBooks Online (QBO) Overview

Intuit expects the most used pages in QBO to load in between 3 to 10 seconds and we continually monitor our systems to ensure we are meeting this goal. 

While QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a web-based service, it also relies on your computer or devices processing power/speed, the amount of available memory (RAM), and the speed/bandwidth of your Internet connection (ISP) to perform as intended. A shortfall in any area, can lead to degraded performance. Verifying your system meets the basic requirements (See current system/speed requirements) will help in narrowing down the reason(s) for slow performance.

Common Ways to Improve Performance in QuickBooks Online (QBO)

There are a few things you should check first to ensure you are getting the best possible performance in QuickBooks Online.
  1. Are you using Google Chrome? Chrome is the preferred browser of choice and what Intuit recommends to get the best experience possible. If you are already using Chrome, ensure you are using the latest release by going to the Chrome menu -> Help -> About Google Chrome.
  2. Ensure your operating system is up to date and you meet or exceed the System Requirements for QuickBooks Online.
  3. Verify your internet speed/bandwidth is not limiting your QuickBooks Online experience. Run a Google Speed Test to confirm your bandwidth/speed of your connection. To better understand the results of the Google Speed Test, be sure to read over how the results are determined and what they mean.

More Details about QuickBooks Online (QBO) Performance

Keep in mind QuickBooks Online (QBO) is built and tested with the latest browsers and operating systems in mind. Older systems generally do not receive the latest browser updates, which can negatively impact performance.

Many browsers today allow easy use of incognito mode. This mode can slow down performance for QBO as each new session/visit to the site causes all site elements to be fetched again. Subsequent page loads in the same session should be faster but the initial page loads will be slower. Therefore Intuit recommends not to use QuickBooks Online with Incognito (Private Browsing) mode.

Certain types of Internet connections are shared between users and speeds can vary widely from what is advertised. Mobile connections may not always deliver the advertised speed. We have seen 4G advertised connections - which should be at least 100 Mbps when mobile and up to 1Gbps stationary, be as much as 100X slower than advertised during testing/monitoring Search Google for Internet Speed Test and click the run test button for an easy way of testing your Internet connection speed. Please note, this test does use data and may result in data charges being applied to your device.

You can also run the QuickBooks Online Desktop App client (Windows/Mac) for faster access. Learn more about the QuickBooks App and Download it to see if it runs faster then your browser setup.