QuickBooks Online doesn't have the ability to create recurring customer statements like it does with transactions.

Instead, you can create a memorized report to email yourself on a scheduled date each month as a reminder to log in and create your statements.

  1. Select Reports from the left menu.
  2. Search for the A/R Aging Summary or A/R Aging Detail (depending on how much detail you want to receive in each emailed report).
  3. Select Save customization
  4. Enter a Customer report name, then select Save.
  5. Select Reports from the left menu, then Custom Reports.
  6. Select the customer report you just saved, then in the Action column, select the drop-down arrow and choose Edit.
  7. Set the Set email schedule toggle to ON.
  8. Set the recurrence as desired.
  9. Enter your email address in the To: field of the Email Information section.
  10. Select Save and close.