This article is intended for use in the United States. 
If you are not in the US, please see Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription (Non-US)

We're sorry to see you go, but want to make the cancellation process as simple as possible for you. You can cancel any time in a few easy steps, just make sure you have Master or Company Administrator access.


Cancelling your QuickBooks Online Subscription will also cancel your Payroll Subscription. Ensure that your e-payments and direct deposits are cleared before cancelling.

Steps to cancel 

Important: Subscription cancellation is not available from your mobile device.
  1. Sign into your QBO company from a computer.  
  2. Select the Gear icon.
  3. Select Account and Settings.
  4. Select the Billing & Subscription tab*.
  5. Choose Cancel to the right of Subscription status.
  6. Answer all of the exit survey questions and select Continue.  Your cancellation won't be effective until you complete all of the instructions on the cancellation page. You will receive a confirmation that "Your QuickBooks Online Subscription has been canceled" and the Master Admin will receive a confirmation via email.
*Don't see the  Billing & Subscription tab? 
  • Make sure you are signed in as the Master Administrator or Company Administrator.
  • If you purchased your subscription from your accountant, lease contact your accountant to cancel.
  • If you are a non US company, please see Cancel your QuickBooks Online subscription (Non-US)