If you'd like to set up a recurring monthly charge for a credit card or ACH, simply create a Recurring Transaction. Visa and MasterCard guidelines require you to have written authorization from your customer before setting up recurring credit card billing.

To access the credit card authorization form:

Simply fill out the recurring template and make sure the Payment Method is selected as the customer's default credit card or Bank Account. When you save the recurring template the form will come up automatically! Make sure you have your customer fill out the form and keep it in a secure file.

You can access the form by following these steps:

Create a Recurring Sales Receipt for monthly charges:

  1. Click on the Gear Icon > Recurring Transactions.
  2. On the top right click New.
  3. For Transaction Type: select Sales Receipt.
  4. Enter in a Template Name, which helps identify what the template is for (this won't be seen on the transaction).
  5. Choose the Template Type: as Scheduled.
  6. Select the customer from the Customer drop-down and verify the Email that populates.  (Note: if you would like for your customer to receive email notification every time their payment is processed, make sure to check Automatically send emails.)
  7. Input the information for the schedule.
  8. On the bottom left below Shipping address, for the Payment method select the credit card type or Check.
  9. Click Enter credit card/Bank Details to enter the customer's credit card information or bank account details and click OK.
  10. If using Check as the payment method, click on the Authorization hyperlink to provide your customer with the Bank Transfer Authorization Form.
  11. Check the box to ensure the payment will process each time a form is created using this recurring transaction.
  12. When you're finished, click Save template.
  13. If you are processing a credit card, the Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization Form will be generated for your customer to fill out.
  14. Card brand regulations require a recurring credit card authorization to be signed by the cardholder and retained by you. Ask you customer to fill out the form, sign it, and return it to you before the first recurring charge happens. 

    For your protection, we recommend keeping the signed form in a safe place for 18 months after the final charge takes place.

Note: If you use the "Days in advance to create" option when setting up a sales receipt for a recurring charge, the charge will process on the date the transaction is created, not on the transaction date. For example, a sales receipt that recurs on the 15th of each month, if created 10 days in advance, will process the credit card charge on the 5th of the month.

Recurring Sales Receipt for monthly charges Set-up correct:

  • In the list for recurring transactions, you will see the following list items with the Credit Card icon (pictured below) if the recurring transaction is set up correctly. 

User-added image