Moving your file from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to QuickBooks Online? This step-by-step visual guide will help you do it.

Using QuickBooks for Mac? See Import into QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop for Mac for your steps.
Using QuickBooks Pro/Premier for Windows? See Import into QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows for your steps.

Before you get started:

  • You can only import QuickBooks Desktop data within the first 60 days of your QuickBooks Online company start date. If imported, your QuickBooks Desktop file will also replace your entire QuickBooks Online file and overwrite any existing information.
  • You must be an Administrator level user on your Quickbooks Online account.
  • You must be logged in as the Admin user in your Desktop file.
  • Your QuickBooks file must be under 350,000 targets (file size does not matter). To trim it down, see Trimming your QuickBooks Windows file for import
  • If you receive any errors regarding the file you're importing, see Errors Importing to QuickBooks Online
  • To understand key differences and unsupported features prior to moving, see Import Limitations- QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Important notice for Enterprise users:

We do not officially support moving data from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks online and data loss may occur. 

As an Enterprise user, you have access to many advanced features that are not supported or available in QuickBooks or QuickBooks online. In some cases you may have found yourself in Enterprise on accident, or only using the bare essentials, in which case moving will likely not be a problem. In all other cases however, you should strongly consider if QuickBooks online is right for your business by looking at our import limitations above and testing out needed features first through a test drive.


When you're ready:

1. Open QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions so you see the screen listed below.

Hover over text
















2. Press Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information window

a. Once opened, press Ctrl+b+q.  

b. Click OK to close the Product information window.

hover over text
















3. The screen below should automatically come up. If you don't see this screen, attempt Step 2 one more time.

Hover over text
















4. Enter your QuickBooks Online login info, agree to the Terms of Service, and click Submit.




5. Pick the online company you want to import your data into.
Note: If you need to Create a new QuickBooks Online account and don't see the option you will need to go to to start a new account before attempting to import.

Hover over text
















6. Note: You may only have the option to import list and balances if your company file is too large to import. If you don't see this screen, continue to the next step below.

Hover over text
















If QuickBooks is freezing or unresponsive during the import::

First, you'll need to open Internet Explorer (Non 64-bit if you have two), then follow the guide to disable/enable the appropriate settings:

1. Press and hold ALT+T to get to the Tools Menu. From here go to Internet Options at the bottom, then go to the Security tab at the top and uncheck the Enable Protected Mode box.

2. On this same page, click on Sites and add one at a time, and to the Trusted Sites, then click Close.

3. Still on the Security tab, click on the Zone with an image of a globe called Internet. Drag the slider for security level to Low or Medium. Also, uncheck Enable Protected Mode.

4. Click Apply, then OK. Now close and re-open Internet Explorer before attempting to re-do the import.


After following all the above steps, try the import again. During the import flow you will likely get a pop-up asking you to be redirected to, and if you trust this site? Please click Yes to continue.

Once the import has finished, you will want to restore your browser to it's default setting. Do this by opening up Internet Explorer and following these steps:

5. Press and hold ALT+T to get to the Tools Menu. From here go to Internet Options at the bottom, then go to the Security tab at the top.

6. Click Reset all zones to default level, then click Apply, OK, and close Internet Explorer.


7. Click OK, Got it. We'll email you when we're done!





After Import: