You can import customer and vendor/supplier contacts from Outlook, Gmail or Excel to QuickBooks Online.

Reminders when importing lists:

  • The file size limit is 2MB or 1000 rows maximum in both Excel and Outlook. If you need to import files larger than that, you need to split it up and do multiple imports.
  • Subaccounts can't be imported. Change subaccounts to be parent accounts before you import, then change them back after the import.
  • If the file imported incorrectly and it needs to be re-imported, it won't be overwritten, but it will be added to your customer or vendor/supplier list again. Delete the customers or vendors/suppliers before re-importing, or edit each one individually.
  • The entries in the Name field must be unique. A vendor, customer, and employee can't have the same name.
  • The import only supports ONE email address--you can add others later.
  • When importing contacts from Excel (including Excel files that were exported from Outlook and other tools), make sure that:
    • Your column headers are in the first row.
    • Your spreadsheet is on Sheet1.
    • Your spreadsheet doesn't contain any formulas, charts or blank rows.
    • Your spreadsheet doesn't contain any errors (like #REF!, #NAME?, #N/A or #VALUE!).
    • Names don't contain colons (:) or quotation marks (").

To import contacts to QuickBooks Online:


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