When you accept credit card payments from your customers, there are times when you need to update a customer's billing information. The steps in this article shows everything you need to know about updating/changing a customer's credit card information.

To update a customer's credit card information through the customer edit screen

  1. Select Sales or Invoicing from the left menu.
  2. Select Customers at the top.
  3. Choose the customer that you want to edit.
  4. Select Edit in the upper left.
Note: If you can't see the Edit button, you need to setup the credit card payment methods in the Payment List.
  1. Choose the Payment and Billing tab.
  2. Change the Preferred payment method to whichever type of card the customer has (Visa starts with 4, MasterCard with 5, Discover with 6, Amex with 3).
  3. Select the Card Details button to change or enter the customers card number. Note that after you save the entry you can only view the last 4 of the card number.

To change a credit card payment type for one of your customers

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) at the top, then Sales Receipt or Receive Payment.
  2. Choose a customer.
  3. Select the drop down menu for Payment Method and choose the type of card the customer wants to use (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  4. Select the Enter Credit Card Details button.
Note: If you're not seeing the Enter Credit Card Details button, please see Why don't I see the Enter Credit Card Details button and/or the Process Credit Card box is greyed out?
  1. Update the credit card information.
  2. Select OK.