We've made it easier for you to link your merchant service to a QuickBooks Online (QBO) company! 

If your merchant account is currently linked to a QuickBooks desktop (QBDT) version, there are few things you'll need to do before linking it to your QuickBooks Online company:

  • You must be able to log into the QBDT file as Administrator and as Master Administrator in the QBO company.
    From within the desktop edition verify that you are able to access the email account that was used when the merchant account was set up.   
    a.  Log in to the QBDT file as the administrator.
    b.  Choose Company > Advanced Services Administration.
    c.  Log in and click to update the email address if necessary

Check the Recurring Charges set up within QBDT:

  1. These charges need to be turned off in order to avoid double-charging the customers.
  2. Steps to turn off  recurring charges in QBDT:  Choose Customer > CC Processing Activities > Automatic Credit Billing > Suspend.  Click Suspend for each recurring charge.
  3. You'll need to remember to set up the recurring charges in QBO after your merchant account is linked.

If you have recurring transactions that are run directly in the Merchant Service center, rather than QuickBooks DT, contact Merchant account services at 1-800-558-9558 to discontinue these recurring transactions.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you'll need to enable the Compatibility View feature before you can link your Merchant Account Services account.


Linking your merchant service to QuickBooks Online:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Choose Gear icon > Account and Settings/Company Settings.
  3. On the right side choose Payments > Connect.

    Attach Payments 2
  4. Once the payment account is detected, you'll see a screen like this.  Click Next to proceed.

    Payment account found
  5. When the account has been successfully linked, you'll receive a confirmation page like below.  Click Done.

    link successful
  6. Once the account in linked, in Account and Settings/Company Settings > Payments you will see a Manage Details button.
    This means your QuickBooks Payments account is now successfully linked to QuickBooks Online.

    Payments connected


Depending on the specific type of merchant account you have, you may not be able to link it from the website.  In that case, you'll need to call Payment Services support at 800.558.9558 to complete the process.

  • If you want to unlink the currently linked account and link another, you'll have to contact Payment Services support at 800.558.9558.