QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP) takes you through the payroll setup process with a series of simple questions. You may know some of the answers off the top of your head, but to help you out, we’ve provided a list of the types of information you will want to have at your fingertips to help the setup process go smoothly. Be sure to gather this information before adding employees in QBOP. If this is your first time setting up employee information, pay schedules, deductions and contributions, or if you’re transitioning from a service or manual system, you may want your accountant or tax advisor to assist you.


Type of information needed

  • The frequency that employees are paid (weekly, every other week, twice a month, or monthly)
  • The date you plan to start using Payroll
  • The first pay period that you’ll run within QBOP
Compensation, Benefits, Contributions and Deductions
  • Types of compensation (hourly wages, salaries, commissions, vacations)
  • ​Sick and vacation time policies
  • Insurance benefits (health, dental, vision)
  • Retirement benefits offered (RSP)
  • Additional deductions that the employee wants withheld (child support, repayments of employee advances or loans, life insurance)
  • Additions (bonuses, travel reimbursements, employee advances or loans and tips)
Tax Information
  • Federal tax business number (BN)
  • CRA Payroll number
  • T4 transmitter number
  • Employee names, addresses, and Social Insurance Numbers from your employees’ T4 forms
  • Employee withholdings from the employee’s TD1 form
  • Employee wages/salaries, additions, deductions, and company contributions
  • Sick and vacation time hours and monies accrued
Year-to-Date History (YTD)

  • You'll need to enter year-to-date payroll information ONLY if you've started using QBOP after January 1 of the calendar year AND if you’ve already run payroll using another system at least once since January 1. (If you start using QuickBooks Online Payroll after January 1 but have not yet run a payroll this calendar year, you will have no year-to-date information to enter.)
  • Year-to-date information for each employee is available on the employee’s most recent paystub from the previous system.
  • Copies of payroll liability cheques from the beginning of this calendar year to the date you started using QBOP
NOTE: Once you run a payroll in Quickbooks Online, you will no longer be able to add or edit YTD information. Be sure to  add all Employees & payroll data prior to running payroll.

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