There may be times when transactions that were already reconciled will show as un-reconciled due to several possible causes such as:

  • Undo Last Reconciliation was clicked.
  • The cleared transactions were unchecked (uncleared) in the account register.
  • The reconciled transactions were changed or deleted> .
  • Transfer funds from a previously reconciled bank account to its subaccount.
  • The company file has been converted between QuickBooks for Mac and Windows or between QuickBooks Online Edition and desktop edition.
  • The transactions were never reconciled in the company file (perhaps a backup was restored and overrode the file where the reconciled transactions existed).

Whether the transactions get un-reconciled inadvertently, due to conversion, or as part of troubleshooting reconciliation issues, you must nevertheless re-reconcile these transaction. This process called mini reconciliation or special reconciliation should help you complete this task with ease. There are two methods available for completing this process. Use Method 1 if you know the ending balance from your most recent reconciliation. Use Method 2 if the ending balance is not readily available.

Detailed instructions

Method 1: The following steps use an "Off-cycle" reconciliation date and require that you know the ending balance from the most recent reconciliation.


Method 2: An alternate method uses a date other than the most recent reconciliation, and does not require that you know the ending balance from the previous reconciliation.

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