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Reconcile previously deleted and re-entered checking or credit card transactions

This process is also called a mini-reconciliation or a special reconciliation.

Troubleshooting issues with bank accounts and banking transactions often require that you delete and re-enter transactions. If you delete and re-enter reconciled transactions, then you must re-reconcile these transactions in the reconciliation window. The date that you enter in the Statement Date field is attached to each transaction as the Reconcile Date. When you run reconciliation reports, QuickBooks uses the Reconcile Date to determine if the transaction is included in the report and where in the report it appears.

Method 1 and Method 2 (see below) use two different dates in the Statement Date field which result in slightly different reports. Please consult your accounting professional when selecting the date that is best for you.

Detailed instructions

Method 1: The following steps use an "Off-cycle" reconciliation date and require that you know the ending balance from the most recent reconciliation.


Method 2: An alternate method uses a date other than the most recent reconciliation, and does not require that you know the ending balance from the previous reconciliation.

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