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Use Rebuild and Verify Data Utilities

The Rebuild Data utility repairs data in your company file while the Verify Data utility identifies any potential data damage issues.

Rebuild and then verify should be run whenever you are prompted to do so by QuickBooks.


Detailed instructions

  1. Open QuickBooks on the computer where the actual company data file is stored. 
  2. If in multi-user mode, please change to single user mode (File > Switch to Single User Mode).  NOTE:  If you see Stop Multi-User Hosting, please select this option as well.
  3. Go to File > Company > Utilities > Rebuild Data.
  4. Your computer may display the message "QuickBooks is not responding" however, as long as you can move your mouse indicator, wait for it to complete.  You will see a message displayed that says "Rebuild is complete".

NOTE:  This utility will create a backup as part of its normal process.  Watch to ensure you know where the backup is stored; you may need to access this backup.


  1. Please allow Rebuild the time it needs - this could take a significant amount of time depending on the size of your file and its condition.
  2. When Rebuild is complete, run Verify by going to File > Company > Utilities > Verify Data.  If Verify is successful, no further action is required.
  3. If Verify fails, please see Locating the QBWIN.log and Using the QBWIN.log.