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Resolve a Balance Sheet out of balance

Your balance sheet (B/S), either cash basis (CBBS) or accrual basis or both, is out of balance and your Total Assets do not equal the sum of your Total Liabilities plus Total Equities (A <> L + E).

Why is this happening

This issue has three common causes:

  1. Your data file is damaged.
  2. You have entered or linked transactions that are not compatible.
  3. If you are using multicurrency, check here before proceeding with this article.

How to fix it

  1. Rebuild and verify your data file.  NOTE:  It is critical that you run the rebuild on the computer where the file is located - not across a network connection.
  2. Use qbwin.log to identify and resolve errors. 
  3. Run a balance sheet and check balances to ensure it is in balance.

Solutions for issues NOT caused by data damage

We know that these types of transactions will put your cash basis balance sheet (CBBS) out of balance. If have any of these transactions, use the Date Zoom in Section 4 to find the dates that your B/S goes out of balance and the Reports in Section 5 to identify the transactions. Then use these steps to correct the transactions. Before attempting any of these resolutions, backup your company data file.


Additional options if still out of balance

If you have none of the transactions in the Section 2, you may have some data damage that the usual data damage troubleshooting does not fix. This section has some specific forms of data damage that you can check for. These are rare and the solutions are complex. You may save time by going to Section 4 to search for general data damage.


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