You may see the following error while opening or using QuickBooks desktop. If you see this error while updating your company file to a new version, please go to Connection to the QuickBooks Company File has been lost .

Why is this happening

QuickBooks displays this error because it cannot access your company data file. There are several possible causes of the error.

You use a standalone computer

  • The folder where the file is saved may need additional permission
  • A 3rd party process/service from an Anti-Virus firewall may be interfering with QuickBooks
  • Your QuickBooks file may be corrupted


Your computer is connected to a network and your data file is stored on another computer

  • The network connection may be unstable (non-wired connection)
  • The folder where the file is saved may need additional permission
  • Firewall is preventing access over the network
  • Power saving mode is turned on

How to fix it

Quick Tip

Tips to resolve the issue:

  • Restart Database Server Manager
  • Move the file to a different folder
  • Set Power saving option to never

Tips to prevent the issue from happening again:

  • Ensure you connect to the network using wired connection
  • Configure firewall and add QuickBooks firewall ports
  • Set proper folder permission


This section provides solutions and links to tools you can download and instructions to help find and fix the problem.

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