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Error message: Connection Has Been Lost

You may see the following error while opening or using QuickBooks when you are not updating your company file:

Important: If you see this error while updating your company file to a new version, please go to Connection to the QuickBooks Company File has been lost.

Why is this happening

QuickBooks displays this error because it cannot access your company data file. There are several possible causes of the error.

You use a standalone computer

  • The folder where the file is saved may need additional permission
  • A 3rd party process/service from an Anti-Virus firewall may be interfering with QuickBooks
  • Your QuickBooks file may be corrupted


Your computer is connected to a network and your data file is stored on another computer

  • The network connection may be unstable (non-wired connection)
  • The folder where the file is saved may need additional permission
  • Firewall is preventing access over the network
  • Power saving mode is turned on

How to fix it

This section provides solutions and links to tools you can download and instructions to help find and fix the problem.


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