After creating a copy of the company file for Macintosh in QuickBooks for Windows, when trying to restore the file in QuickBooks for Mac a message appears:


followed by:

Your data has not been restored or There was a problem converting this file


Why this is happening

This error occurs when QuickBooks tries to convert a field from the Windows version that is not available in the Mac version.  Several areas are known to cause this issue:

  • The CC Email is filled out on some customers
  • The Manufacturer's Part Number in an inventory or non-inventory item
  • The Windows version of QuickBooks isn't compatible with this version of QuickBooks for Mac
  • The company file, or the media the file is on, is damaged


How to fix it

  1. Make sure you worked on this file in a version of Windows that is compatible with this version of Mac. Look at the list of compatible versions in this article.
  2. Use the Desktop of the Mac:
    1. Copy the company file to the Desktop from the cd or drive that the file is on.
    2. Try to restore from the Desktop.
    3. Save the restored file on the Desktop.
  3. Make sure QuickBooks for Mac is at the latest release.

If the above steps don't fix the problem, you should return to your PC and open the company file that you want to send to Mac.   Please Do the following steps in order. (After each step you should attempt to backup and restore the file if possible):

  1. Update QuickBooks to the latest release.
  2. Basic data damage troubleshooting.
  3. Find and clear the Cc field in customer records:
    • Create a report in QuickBooks for Windows that shows which customer records contain data in the Cc field:
      1. Select the Reports menu and select Customers & Receivables > Customer Phone List.
      2. Click Modify Report.
      3. Click the Display tab and select CC Email in the Columns list.
      4. Click OK.
      5. Scan the CC Email column on the report to identify which customers have data in that field.
    • Remove the data from the CC field for each customer record that contains it:
      1. Select the Customers menu and select Customer Center.
      2. Double-click a customer name to open the Edit Customer screen.
      3. Click the Address Info tab and delete any information that is in the CC field.
      4. Click OK.
      5. Repeat steps 2.a through 2.d for all other customers with data in the CC field.
  4. Find and clear the Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) in item records:
    • Modify the Item List in QuickBooks for Windows to show which items contain a MPN:
      1. Select the Lists menu and select Item List.
      2. Click the Item button and select Customize Columns.
      3. Select MPN in the Available Columns list and click Add.
      4. Click OK.
    • Remove the MPN for each item that contains it:
      1. Double-click the item in the Item List.
      2. Clear the Manufacturer's Part Number field.
      3. Click OK.
      4. Repeat steps 2.a through 2.c for all other items in the list with data in the MPN field.

After you have finished clearing the information from all records, create a new copy of the file for Mac and restore it in QuickBooks for Mac.

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