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Create a Samba share on Linux


Important: The following information is intended for a system administrator who is familiar with the Linux operating system, understands network operations, and has permissions to properly install and configure the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Linux Database Server Manager.

The directory on your Linux server that contains the QuickBooks company files must be configured as a Samba share so that it can be mapped as a drive on your Windows client computers. The following procedure provides an example of how to create and configure a Samba share. For more detailed information about configuring a Samba share, refer to the Samba documentation.

Detailed Instructions


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To create a Samba share:

  1. On the Linux server, become the root user.
  2. In a terminal window, type groupadd -r groupname to create a Linux group (this is the group name that users of QuickBooks will belong to), where groupname is the name of the group you want to create (for example, qbusers).
  3. Add the line groupname: user1, user2, user3 to the /etc/group file to list the users that will be part of the group you created in step 2.
  4. Type useradd user to add each user you specified in step 3 that will be accessing QuickBooks company files stored on the share directory.
  5. For each user you specified in step 4, type smbpasswd -a user to activate the Samba user account and set a password.
  6. Type chmod -R 775 /directory to provide the users read/write/execute permissions to the share directory.
  7. Type chgrp -R groupname /directory to change the group ownership for the share directory.
  8. Edit the smb.conf file to include the following lines. By default, this file is located in /etc/samba.

    path = /directory
    comment = samba share for company files
    valid users = user1 user2 user3
    public = no
    writable = yes
    printable = no
    create mask = 0765
  9. Replace share_name with the name you want to use for the share (this is the name that your Windows clients can see).
  10. Replace directory with the full path of the directory you want to configure as the Samba share (the directory you created on your Linux server to store the QuickBooks company files).
  11. Type service smb restart to restart the Samba daemon.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions users can now access QuickBooks company files that are located on the Linux server directly from their Windows client machines.

Refer to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Installation and Setup Guides for more information about installing and configuring QuickBooks Database Server Manager on Linux.


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