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Install QuickBooks Online Backup

QuickBooks Online Backup service uses its own program to create and upload online backups. After subscribing to the service and obtaining your Account ID and password, you must install the Online Backup client program.

Important: The information in this article only applies to QuickBooks Online Backup service which is typically used with QuickBooks 2010 and older.

If you use QuickBooks 2011 or later you should use Intuit Data Protect not QuickBooks Online backup service.  Please see Intuit Data Protect Frequently Asked Questions

Detailed Instructions

Before downloading, please refer to the article System Requirements for QuickBooks Online Backup, to ensure that QuickBooks Online Backup is compatible with your system.

Important: To complete this process, you need your Online Backup Account ID and Password.   If you have lost or forgotten your Online Backup password, you can request a hint or reset your password.

Download and install QuickBooks Online Backup client program:

  1. Download the setup file.
  2. When the File Download - Security Warning window opens, run or save the file, depending on your version of Windows:
    • Windows 7 or Vista:
      1. Click Save and download the Onlinebackup_quickbooks.msi file to your desktop.
      2. Right-click the Onlinebackup_quickbooks.msi on your desktop and select Run as Administrator or Install if the Run as Administrator option is not available.
  3. In the QuickBooks Online Backup Setup Wizard, click Next and follow the instructions to install the program.

    Note: Intuit recommends installing the Online Backup client application to the default location: C:\Program Files\QuickBooks Online Backup\.
  4. In the Installation Complete window, click Close.
  5. Enter the Account ID and Password you received in an email when you signed up for the QuickBooks Online Backup service, then click OK.
  6. When the Installation Complete window opens, click Continue and follow the instructions for Starting QuickBooks Online Backup.

If you use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you can also perform a manual download.

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