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QuickBooks Self-Employed: Important Update Regarding Mileage Tracking Settings For iPhones

11/27/18 Update: We launched a new improvement to the mileage tracker for our iOS users. Simply update to the latest version of QuickBooks Self-Employed (version 4.41.0) and sign-in to your app to get the latest and greatest mileage tracking improvements. If your app is already updated to the latest version, just sign-in and the improvements will apply. 

With the most recent iOS 12 update, there are new settings that you will need to review to ensure your automatic mileage tracking can function properly for QuickBooks Self-Employed. The following steps below should take less than 5 minutes. 

Enable Auto-tracking within your QuickBooks Self-Employed app

  1. Open the app and sign-in
  2. On the mileage tab, make sure that the auto-tracking toggle is green

Enable all of your phone's settings for mileage tracking –

Your phone’s settings impact QBSE’s ability to automatically track your miles. Double-check that you’re all set by reviewing these general settings.

  1. Is Wi-Fi Enabled? You don’t need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, you just need to have Wi-Fi enabled for accurate location tracking. 

  2. Are Location Services set to Always? From your phone's Settings, swipe up/scroll down to the Self-Employed app and set Location Services to Always. Selecting While in Use will prevent automatic tracking. 

  3. Set Motion & Fitness, Background App Refresh, and Cellular Data to ON. From your phone's Settings, swipe up/scroll down to the Self-Employed app and ensure all of these settings are toggled ON. 

  4. Are any battery restrictions on? Battery restrictions or battery saving modes will close out apps that are running in the background. If you’re running low on battery, charge up as soon as possible to prevent having to use Low Power Mode. While we all love the battery stretch that Low Power Mode provides, it’ll stop QBSE from running and you’ll lose out on tracking your trips. If possible, do not use Low Power Mode, but if you have to use it, you’ll need to immediately open the app once when your phone recovers from low battery to reactivate auto-tracking.
    1. Important: Third-party apps that intend on boosting memory or saving battery, or are anti-virus, data compression, or task-killing apps can interfere with QuickBooks Self-Employed and should be disabled to improve mileage tracking. You may be able to add QBSE to the third-party app’s Whitelist or Ignore List. 

  5. Be sure Do not disturb mode is OFF. From your phone's Settings, select Do not disturb and make sure this is turned OFF. 

  6. Turn OFF Content & Privacy Restrictions. From your phone's Settings, select Screen Time (located in the second group of settings), select Content & Privacy Restrictions and ensure this is turned off for QuickBooks Self-Employed. From the same Screen Time settings page, select Always Allow and choose QuickBooks Self-Employed to always allow screen time usage. This will ensure location and tracking accuracy. 

  7. Make sure Significant Locations is ON. From your phone's Settings > Privacy Location Services > System Services (all the way at the bottom) > Significant Locations (all the way at the bottom) 

Other Important Actions:

  • Regularly open QBSE to ensure it hasn’t been stopped from running in the background.
    • Important: Your iPhone will ask “QuickBooks Self-Employed has been using your Location in the background. Do you want to continue allowing this?” For QBSE to continue automatically tracking your trips, select “Continue” to this message. If you select “Don’t Allow” will disable location service and QBSE will not be able to track your trips.
  • In the App Store under the Updates tab, check that QuickBooks Self-Employed has been updated to latest version. You’ll find QBSE under the “S” section for “Self-Employed”.
  • Have you installed the latest iOS update? Updating your phone as soon as possible helps support the latest features of QBSE and other important functions. 
  • Force-quitting QBSE? This is done by double-clicking the iPhone button (on iPhone 8 and earlier) or by swiping up from the bottom of your screen (on iPhone X and XS). All of your open apps will appear and when you swipe them away, this force-quits the apps. If you force-quit QBSE, you’ll need to re-open and possible sign-in to reactive automatic mileage tracking. At all possibility, we recommend that you do not force-quit QBSE.
  • You will need to be signed-in to the app for automatic mileage tracking to work. You can have TouchID enabled and your mileage will still track. 
  • If you're driving in an area with bad cell service, QuickBooks Self-Employed may not be able to track the trip or gather the most accurate details of where you were at that time.
  • If your phone dies or reboots, once charged and back on, please open QBSE and double-check that automatic tracking is on.
  • Toggle the airplane mode (toggle on, then toggle back off) from the settings if you happen to go out of network while taking any trip or drive.