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HMRC gateway is now up and running

20/3/2018 5pm update: 

HMRC has informed us that their live server is once again available and service restored. You are now able to make Payroll submissions to HMRC.

20/3/2018 11.30pm

We have received email communication from HMRC that they are experiencing difficulties with their live server. HMRC's Service Availability page are in the process of being update.

In the mean time, our customers will not be able to make Payroll or VAT submissions through QuickBooks Desktop. 

In QuickBooks Desktop, you'll see an error message 'QuickBooks encountered a problem with your network'. We recommend that you check back at a later time to resubmit.

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*NOTE*: You may receive confirmation from HMRC that your submission has been received, but QuickBooks may state your e-filing still needs submitted/re-sent. When HMRC's normal service has resumed payroll submissions will need to be resent if QuickBooks states the submission is outstanding. For VAT submissions, should they have been successfully submitted to HMRC but still showing as not submitted in QuickBooks, they can be filed using the *Paper or other filing method* option.  Please bookmark this announcement for further updates and advice.