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GLOBAL - Essentials now has Time Tracking

We're excited to announce QuickBooks Online Essentials now has Time Tracking!  All global Essentials Customers will now be able to add unlimited Time Tracking users (just like in Plus), create single and weekly timesheets to link to Payroll or Reports, and invoice their Customers for this time.

There aren't any specific settings you will need to turn on for time tracking, but you may want to show your Clients optional choices under Settings, Advanced, and Time Tracking: Add Service field to timesheets; Show billing rate to users entering time; and First day of work week.

  • Add Service field to timesheets allows you to specify a Service on the timesheet from the Product/Services list.

  • Make Single-Time Activity Billable to Customer is automatically turned on so when you create your Invoice, the time and rate will show in the Invoice drawer to add.  This is the only option and transaction which is billable to the Customer for Invoicing.

  • Show billing rate to Users entering time: If you bill customers a different hourly rate than you pay your employees and subcontractors, you may want to leave this blank so they don't see what you are paying them and charging the Customers.

  • First day of work week allows you to choose the first day to enter time.

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